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Hello! I'm Nikki, I'm 20, and I really wanna make comics about my 300 OCs
Also I really like drawing fat anime tiddies
I use Vocaloid and UTAU and I make my own music sometimes

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Weird Dreams

Posted by GraySlate - November 18th, 2019

Okay so for maybe the past 3 days I've actually been having dreams which is unusual for me, I dream once in a blue moon

First dream was that I was just chilling with Til Lindemann, who's the lead singer for this underground band idk any of you have heard of, Rammstein

I can't remember much from that one so idk what circumstances led up to me meeting him but we were in fact chilling and vibing

Literally just hung out with that guy in that dream

The next dream was more of a nightmare but my actions were really stupid for the scenario

So like, I knew for a fact I was pregnant, but I decided to take Plan B even though that's only gonna work within 72 hours of unprotected sex and not like when you're already pregnant

The rest of that dream was just looking into straight abortion but honestly my fear of pregnancy is invading my dreams now

Maybe it's my subconscious telling me I need to get birth control already

The next dream I had kicked it into fucking high gear though

So there was this guy who I guess was a humanoid snake, he had black hair, green skin, and the most baffling piece wasn't that, it was that he also had a really nice red suit?

There was another guy and girl whose names I didn't get or remember, in fact idk snake guy's name either, and what they were doing were busting the snake guy out of a mental hospital

Like Red 2 type shit

Snake guy also is like my kinda guy because he had the ability to shapeshift, and could capture people perfectly like an exact copy

So at one point he shapeshifted into the girl right? And he was like sarcastically taunting her about "oh you're perfect but if only your tits were bigger" and he just like

Grew fatter fuckin tiddies right there and she was furious ofc

The rest is a blur but that's about what I remember

anyway uh my dreams been wildin lately

I guess it's a good sign since this means I'm having REM sleep