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Hello! I'm Nikki, I'm 19, and I really wanna make comics about my 300 OCs
Also I really like drawing fat anime tiddies
I use Vocaloid and UTAU and I make my own music sometimes

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I hope other artists don't have this problem

Posted by GraySlate - May 16th, 2019

So I know that other artists that draw NSFW like I do probably face this on some level and I think it's something that needs to be addressed

One of the worst things about being a "porn artist" besides all the other stigma and not being taken seriously is that my completely inoffensive, SFW art gets scrutinized and called sexual too

What's worse for me, especially recently, but in the past as well, is that a good chunk of my SFW art features young children. May I remind you these children are always fully clothed, never nude at all, and going on SFW, non-sexual adventures

Still, this SAFE FOR WORK art has gotten me accused of supporting pedophilia, which, I dunno if you could tell but I absolutely do not condone pedophilia in the slightest

Even if it's said as a joke, it's a really horrible joke and makes me want to block, report, cut off, and call out people I've known for years

I really implore people to not joke about this, not just to me but to my fellow NSFW artists. I have a hunch that we're like-minded individuals and that we do not appreciate being called deviant pedophiles or supporters of other crimes. We're people that just like to draw sexual things, we don't want to come under fire for our SFW, general artwork. Bottom line, we are just people, just like you people that call us sick for drawing SFW.

I know that there's also a problem with false flagging of art but that's another post for another time

TL;DR: Stop saying that when a porn artist draws SFW that it is sexual in any way or supports rape, abuse, pedophilia, etc. even as a joke. It's super hurtful and makes us all very upset and more likely to close ourselves off from online communities. If it offends you, just block us and move on. Other people enjoy it, leave us alone and keep that shit to yourself.